Fun Birthday Party Ideas

Candy Land Theme

Balloon Pops
Balloon Pops Turn basic balloons into freestanding lollipops. Wrap them in cellophane and add a wrapping paper tube stick, then position them around the room.
What you'll need
Large foam brush, white acrylic paint, wrapping-paper tubes, balloons, ribbon, 2-oz. paint or glue bottles, tape, cellophane, scissors
Make it
1. Use the brush to apply two coats of paint to a tube; let dry.
2. Blow up a balloon, knot the end, and to the bottom attach a length of ribbon that is about 6" longer than the tube.
3. Tie the loose end of the ribbon to the paint or glue bottle (secure with tape if necessary) and drop it into the tube so that ribbon comes out the other end.
4. Cut the ribbon from the paint or glue bottle, pull it taut and tape it to the inside of the tube. (The top of the tube should cover the balloon knot.)
5. Cut a 3'x4' piece of cellophane, cinch around the balloon, and tie with ribbon.
6. Insert the loose paint or glue bottle in the bottom of the tube to help it stand up. Secure in place on the floor with strips of tape if necessary.

Wall Candy These hard candies are super easy to make. Tape together two plastic dinner plates, wrap them in cellophane, and cinch the ends with ribbon.

Sugar Trail A Candy Land-inspired paper square pathway will get everyone excited about your child's big day. Plus, you can use the deck of cards from the Candy Land game to play a real-life version on the path at the party.

Take-home Treats Kids will have fun layering colored Skittles in recycled plastic bottles to make a yummy favor.

Woodland Fairy Tale Birthday Party

Forest Floor Décor
Make this stand with paper-covered soup cans and wood rounds ($5 to $9 each). Then, accent your table with freebies from your yard: flowers, twigs, and rocks!
Buy wood rounds from

Magic Mushroom Cupcakes Red frosting and white candies transform homemade cupcakes into whimsical toadstools.
Get the recipe for Magic Mushroom cupcakes

Woodland Photo Booth Cut out clouds from white foam ($8 for a 36" x 60" roll) and attach to an old blue bed sheet to create a playful photo booth.
They have white foam at Michaels.

Flower Headband No need to buy tons of costumes for the Woodland party. Girls can cut and fold paper to make these pretty flower headbands.
What you'll need
Green and red wrapping paper, brown craft paper, scissors, craft glue, tape
Make it
1. Cut a 24"x1" strip of green paper and place it horizontally on your work surface.
2. Cut six 1" squares of red paper. Fold five in half twice for smaller squares.
3. Glue the folded point of the smaller squares to the center of the remaining unfolded square of paper. When dry, fluff the smaller ones to create petals.
4. Repeat to create as many flowers as desired and glue to the headband.
5. Cut small leaf shapes from green and brown paper and glue in place on the headband; let dry completely.
6. Tape the headband together.

Feathered Hat Boys can craft simple paper hats to wear for their big picture.
What you'll need
Green and red wrapping paper, brown craft paper, scissors, craft glue, tape
Make it
1. Paper Hat 1 Cut a 12"x14" piece of green paper and fold in half widthwise. Turn so that the fold is at top, then fold the top corners in to form a triangle.
2. Fold the paper below the triangle up on one side to make a brim.
3. Flip the hat over and repeat with the other flap, then tape the ends of the brim together to secure.
4. To make the feather, cut a 6"- and a 4"-long oval from red paper. Mount the smaller one on top of the other and secure with glue. Fringe the ends and glue to the side of the hat.

Forest Frame Send kids home with a single snapshot. Fashion frames ahead of time using sticks, glue, and twine.

Color Me Pretty
While they're waiting to play in the photo booth, kids can decorate a charming cardboard cottage..
Buy the cardboard cottage at


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