Sweet 16 Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice In Wonderland Party Theme

This is a theme you can make very fun and playful or very elegant and fun. The stuff featured in this blog post come mostly from shops I browsed around on Etsy.  None of these pictures are mine and belong to the shop owners.  I will make sure I leave the link so you can click and buy or print the things you need for the parties you see featured here.


The Decor

Colorful paper lanterns are a great idea! Don't forget your teacups! They don't have to be from the same set.  The good thing about Alice in Wonderland is it is very unique and very mismatched and colorful.  

The Food
We all know I am queen of themed water bottle labels! 

A lot of people sell these but how hard can they really be to make? I'm sure you can even have a local bakery do them for you. 

The Favors


Add an old fashioned deck of cards to your favor bags.

The Game
 What would an Alice in Wonderland party be without a game of croquet?  I even saw some suggestions on using the plastic garden flamingos to play!

TweedleDee & TweedleDum Races – These boys are very funny and can never agree on anything.  So why not have some fun and pair up your party guests for some 3 legged racing fun. All you need to do is stand 2 guests side by side then tie together their legs in the middle.  Then on go let all the pairs race against each other. Add in some fun obstacles so they have to work together and see which team can communicate the best.
The Dress


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  2. thank you for the wonderful ideas! i'm actually planning a alice in wonderland themed sweet sixteen and this has helped me so much, so thank you very very much for putting out there these amazing ideas!
    xoxo, kim

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