Brownie Pops

My son Logan, yes he was VERY excited to eat this. haha

What you need:

-Brownie Mix
-Ingridents to make the brownies. (usually eggs, water, and oil)
-Wiltons brownie pop silicon pan. ($3 at Michaels although they have them everywhere including Wal-Mart)
-Sprinkles or whatever you want to decorate it with.
-Melting chocolate. ( I used Wiltons Candy Melts)
-Lolipop sticks (They have these in the baking section pretty much everywhere.)

Follow the instructions on the box and fill the silicon brownie cups about 2/3 full
Bake according to the box.  Mine took about 25 min.
Five minuets before they are done insert the lolipop sticks otherwise you will have problems later. I have a picture to prove that disaster.

Put them in the frezeer when they are done to cool them down quickly.
Even after you take them out of the freezer I would leave them sitting out for about thirty min because if they aren't cooled all the way they won't turn out right.

Melt the chocolate and dip the brownie pop into the chocolate (as long as they have cooled all the way)
Add the sprinkles or whatever it is that you have chosen to decorate your pop.
I took a silicon cone and stuck them in there to dry.  You can use a cup if you don't want to go get one. I get three at Michales and used it a dozen times since then and it was only about $2.

If I could put a big red X through this picture I would. I read that it would be fine to insert the sticks after they cooled. Obviously that didn't go too well. That is why I suggest you insert the sticks 5 min before the baking is done. That is what I did the second time around and had no problems.


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