Friendship Sticks and other Camp Crafts

  • 6 sticks, two 18 inches long and four 14 inches long
  • 1 or 2 skeins of variegated yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hand pruners (to cut sticks, a parent's job)

  1. God's-Eye Memory Keeper - Step 1 Start by crossing the 2 longest sticks as shown above. Tie the loose end of the yarn around the intersection and wind it around several times to secure the sticks. Next, wrap the yarn around the closest stick, flush against the intersection. Now wrap it around the next closest stick. Continue in this manner, working your way toward the ends of the sticks until only about 3 inches remain exposed. Cut the yarn and knot the end around a stick.
  2. To add a frame, place the 4 smaller sticks in a square around the edge of the weaving, wrap yarn around the intersections of the sticks, and tie them in place, as shown at left. Finally, tuck summer vacation photos and souvenirs between the strands of yarn.

  • Square wooden chopsticks
  • Wire snips or sturdy scissors
  • Acrylic paint, 6 colors
  • Cotton swabs
  • Fine-point permanent marker
  • Cord or string
  1. To make one, cut a 3-inch-long section from a chopstick. Use cotton swabs to paint 6 different-color stripes around the stick.
  2. Let the paint dry, then write a message on the stick with the marker. Tie a length of cord tightly around the top of the stick and give it to your friend.


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