Warm cupid's heart with crafts this Valentine's Day

All of these fun valentine ideas I have personally tried with my grade-school aged sister.  Everyone always said they looked forward to what she was going to bring each year.  Kids even use to be upset they weren't in her class that year when Valentine's Day came around. I have tried a few more these are just our favorites.

These were another really big hit but a little bit trickier to make.  It was a fun challenge to accomplish together and they turned our so cute!
 Scratchy and Win Valentine

Very cute idea for Kindergarten and preschool aged kids!
Bear Hug Valentine 

Very unique teacher gift ideal for a female teacher.  Especially during these winters months, I'm sure that lotion will come in handy sitting right at their desk!

Teacher Treat

Any teacher could appreciate this cute gift.
Popcorn Teacher Treat
These were the biggest hit at my sisters class party.  We used Hersey Kisses for the ear-pods instead.
Ipod Valentine

This one we did for Grandma and had all the grand-kids fill it with yummy treats. We all had a wonderful time delivering it to her and she was very surprised!

Valentine Mailbox


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